1st January 2021

KendalWall, LancasterWall and PrestonWall, VauxWall East, VauxWall West, HarroWall, CroyWall, RavensWall, CanaryWall, and BethWall, are trading names of the Lakeland Climbing Centre Limited (‘LCC’).

In this document ‘’LCC North’ refers to KendalWall, PrestonWall and LancasterWall, all other centres have separate terms and conditions, and payment arrangements. Payment types are not transferable between LCC North Centres and LCC London Centres.

It is a prerequisite of all payment options that the user is registered with an LCC North Centre and complies with the Conditions of Use and Rules of any LCC North Centre they are using.

Failure to comply with the Conditions of Use and Rules may result in exclusion without refund.

1 Payment Options
The following payment options are available at any LCC North Centre.

1.1. Single Entry (Pay as you go)

Users pay a fee each time they use an LCC North Centre. This is a daily fee

which allows re-entry on the same day.

Bouldering Discount Card

  • Holders of the Bouldering Discount Card can pay special bouldering discount price per visit provided they are only using the bouldering areas and will not be roped climbing or using the Auto-Belays.
  • An “upgrade fee” of £4 is payable if an individual decides they want to rope climb or auto-belay after their initial check-in.
  • The Bouldering Discount Card is non-transferable and non-refundable.
  • This price is standard for all customers and the usual concessions do not apply.
  • All Bouldering Discount Cards will expire on the 30th of April 2025 regardless of when they were purchased.
  • Loyalty Stamps can be collected when using discounted bouldering entry.
  • The discount must be applied during entry and cannot be applied retrospectively.
  • LCC retains the right to discontinue the use of this card for individuals found to be abusing this discount or failing to comply with any other terms and conditions.

1.2. Punch card entry

Users buy multiple entries upfront in packs of 5 or 10 punches. These are used

when the user visits an LCC North Centre. Each punch allows re-entry on the

day it is used with the exception of the ‘One hour Punch Card’. Punches bought

before 1st December 2020 have no expiry date and cannot be refunded or

transferred. Punches bought on or after 1st December 2020 will expire after two

years and cannot be refunded or transferred.

1.3.One Hour Punch cards

Users pre-pay for 10 entries, these are recorded on a physical punch card.

These entries entitle the holder to 1 hour of climbing, off-peak (Weekdays before

5pm). One hour punch cards are site specific to the LCC North Centre at which

they were purchased; the entries are non-transferable and non-refundable.

1.4. Pre-paid membership

Prepaid membership allows unlimited access to LCC North Centres. It is paid for

upfront as one month or annual fee for the relevant fixed period. These

memberships cannot be frozen.

1.4.1. Limited edition/ time limited Pre-paid Bouldering Memberships – An upgrade of £4 is payable on any visit to go roped climbing or use auto-belays. LCC retains the right to discontinue the use of this card for individuals abusing this discount or failing to comply with any other terms and conditions.

1.5. Recurring membership
This membership option allows unlimited access to LCC North Centres. It is paid with credit or debit card by continuous payment authority. These memberships are subject to a non-refundable start-up fee at the time of commencement and may be frozen for up to 3 full months in any year (see section 7 for details). Recurring Memberships bought after the 1st of January 2022 must run for a minimum term of six months.

1.6. Multiple methods of payment.
You cannot pay using punches or casual entries whilst you have an active
prepaid or recurring membership.

2.Setting up the recurring memberships

2.1.Recurring memberships may be set up and paid for by someone other than the
member, provided the member is already registered as a competent climber.

2.2.The cardholder must be physically present at the Centre to set up the
continuous payment authority (recurring membership). Card details will be taken
and added to our payment gateway ‘Stripe’, see section 10. for details.

3. Billing Cycle

3.1. Recurring memberships run month to month, starting on the first day of the
month and ending on the last day of the month.
3.2. Payment is taken upfront, pro-rata from the purchase date to the first of the
following month.
3.3. If a recurring membership is set up less than 3 days before the first of the
month dues will also be taken for the first complete calendar month at that time.
3.4. The first recurring payment will be taken on the first working day of the first
complete month. If payment was taken for the first complete month at the time of
set up, then the first recurring payment will be taken on the first working day of
the second complete month.
3.5. Subsequent payments will be taken on the first working day of each month.

4. Declined payments & changes of payment cards

4.1. LCC North must be notified of any changes in account information or card
details at least 14 days prior to the billing date. You can notify LCC North of a
change by emailing [email protected], but please do not send us
any card details by email or post. Payment details must be updated either in
person at any LCC North centre or over the phone.

4.2. If payment is declined, we will contact you to check your payment details and
take the payment. If we are unable to contact you the outstanding payment will
be added to the next instalment.
4.3. If a payment is declined a second time, your membership will be terminated.
Any outstanding fees will remain payable.
4.4. Whilst the account is in arrears the membership and all associated benefits are

5. Cancellation

5.1. Recurring memberships can be cancelled at any time only by giving written
notice to [email protected]. Once cancelled Recurring memberships
will continue to run until the next billing date.
5.2. Notice of cancellation must be received by LCC North at least 10 days before
the first day of the billing cycle. Late notice may not take effect until the following
billing cycle.

7. Transferring, freezing and refunding memberships

7.1. Memberships cannot be transferred or refunded.
7.2. A freeze option is available for recurring memberships only. If you wish to
freeze your account a written request must be sent to
[email protected].
7.3. Recurring memberships can be frozen for up to 3 complete months in any 12-
month period.
7.4. Monthly payments will be dropped to £5 per month whilst a recurring
membership is frozen.
7.5.Whilst the membership is frozen, the member is still entitled to any additional
benefits of membership e.g. shop discounts.
7.6. At LCC North’s discretion, in cases of injury or other exceptional
circumstances, pre-paid members may be given the option to extend their
membership by up to one month maximum. Please email details to
[email protected].
7.7. In the event that all of our Centres are forced to close due to a pandemic or
natural disaster, your membership will automatically be frozen and we will
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contact you directly. No freeze fees apply during forced closure and this does
not use the 3 month freeze allowance.
7.8. If just one of our Centres is closed for up to five days, we will not automatically
freeze your membership. You would need to contact us on [email protected] request this.

8. Credit

8.1. In the event that your LCC account has credit applied, this can be used for any
product at the Centre and will be used to offset future dues. Please contact
[email protected] to request this.
8.2. Any credit applied before 1st December 2020 has no expiration date. Credit
added to your account on or after 1st December 2020 will expire after one year.

9. Price changes

9.1. LCC North may change registration, entry, and payment plan fees at any time.
Changes will not be applied retrospectively.
9.2. We will notify our customers of any upcoming changes in prices by putting up
notices on our website and in the Centre in advance. Recurring membership
customers will be notified by email.

10. Storage and processing of payment information

Recurring memberships use a third-party payment portal, Stripe, to store card details and
take payments. Stripe is a certified PCI provider. Your payment card details are not
accessible or stored electronically by LCC but are stored and processed by Stripe.