Frequently asked questions

Is it very strenuous?

Not really! Climbing often isn’t as strenuous as it might look. A few simple techniques and selecting easier angled climbs can mean that it’s much more about balance and a little flexibility than needing lots of upper body strength. Come and have a go; you might be surprised!

Is there a minimum age?

The minimum age we instruct is five years old. There is no maximum age so parents and grandparents can climb too!

(If you are a competent adult climber and can demonstrate your skills and knowledge to reception staff, you can supervise up to two children or novices in the centre. There is no minimum age for supervising your children as long as you are registered with us as a competent roped climber or pass our bouldering supervisor assessment.)

What should I wear?

Ideally, lightweight sportswear and warmer outer layers such as a fleece. Trousers or leggings are recommended.

Long hair should be tied back, and necklaces, long earrings, rings, watches etc., should be removed to avoid the risk of getting caught and causing injury. Phones, wallets and other valuables should be removed from pockets and stored in a locker.

Ideal footwear is the specific climbing shoes available to hire from reception if you don’t have your own.

Are there changing rooms and showers available?

Yes, we have changing rooms, toilets and showers. We also have accessible toilet facilities and baby changing.

Do you have locker facilities?

Lockers are available and can be secured with a padlock or with a returnable £1 coin. We sell padlocks at reception if you need one.

Please remember that you are fully responsible for your belongings while on the premises.

Is my session transferable or refundable if I cannot make the session?

You will be asked to make a deposit or payment in full for an instructed session. This is non-refundable/non-transferable if you cancel or change your session within a specific time frame. Whilst we do endeavour to accommodate changes if enough notice is given, this cannot be guaranteed. See our Booking Terms and Conditions for details.

What happens if I am not happy with the session or the service provided?

We want you to enjoy your time with us. Please let us know as soon as possible to make any changes to accommodate you.

In the first instance, please speak to your instructor, if appropriate. If your instructor is unable to help, please ask to speak to the Duty Manager who should be able to help.

Finally, a senior staff member (Centre Manager or Regional Manager) can be contacted.

Non-instructed visitors should initially speak to the reception staff and then follow the same process as above. Please remember that a quiet word at the time can often resolve the problem quickly. If you are unhappy about something, let us know.

As valued customers, your feedback is much appreciated to help us improve our facilities and performance!

Is it possible for anyone to take part?

Yes, climbing is a very inclusive sport! Almost everyone can participate to a greater or lesser extent.

If you have any specific needs or requirements, please let us know beforehand by calling or emailing the centre of your choosing. It would help if you also discussed your needs with your instructor before the start of the session.

Do I always have to book in advance?

To avoid disappointment we recommend that you book in advance for instructed sessions.

Can I book online?

Yes! There are lots of instructed sessions available to book online. Just follow the prompts and menus on our website. If you are struggling to book or want some advice, just drop an email to the centre you wish to climb at.

How much does it cost?

This depends on whether you need instruction or not:

If you are climbing independently and do not need an instructor, see our price list.

To view instructed pricing, see classes & courses.

Is the equipment included?

For instructed sessions, all essential safety equipment is included in the cost. You can hire shoes, harnesses and chalk bags from our centres if you are climbing independently.

Is food available?

Yes, all our walls have somewhere you can buy hot and cold drinks and snacks. KendalWall has a larger cafe area.

Is there parking nearby?

Yes we have plenty of free, on-site parking at all 3 of our centres.