THREE Centres,
One Membership

One Membership – Three Centres Across the North West

If you opt for a membership, you also get these fantastic perks:

  • Unlimited anytime entries to all 3 Lakeland Climbing Centres (with easy self-check-in)
  • 10% off retail items in our on-site shops
  • 1 free guest pass each month (guest must be new to our Centres or not visited in the last 3 years)

Frequently Asked Questions:

What’s the best value option for me?

As a rule of thumb, if you climb twice or more a week a membership will save you money on climbing.

Any less than that and a punch card will bag you savings on one off entries.

Pre-Paid Memberships offer the best value, particularly the 12 month options. However, Recurring Monthly Memberships are most convenient, with short minimum terms and the ability to freeze calendar months.

Can I freeze my membership?

Yes you can! Members may freeze their pre-paid 6/12 month memberships for a minimum of one month.

Recurring memberships can be frozen for a minimum of one month, starting on the next billing date, and cannot be frozen part-way through the month.

Head to the bottom of this page to find out more.

Recurring Monthly Membership prices

No long term commitment, recommended for climbing twice per week. One-off £20 fee to join scheme, 3 month ‘Freeze’ option available (at £5p/m), minimum 6 month membership. Buy at reception. Terms and Conditions.



Anytime access to all 3 centres



Reduced-price anytime access for those who qualify

Junior Bolt On (Ages 0-10)


Anytime access to all three centres

Junior Bolt On (Ages 11-17)


Anytime access to all three Centres

Prepaid Memberships

Our best value memberships for climbing twice per week or more. Terms and Conditions.


1 Month /12 Months


Unlimited climbing at all 3 centres.


12 Months


Reduced-price unlimited access for those who qualify.

Special Offer Student *

12 Months

Purchase Sept-Oct 2023 only


For full-time students

Freeze, cancel, or amend your details

If you have a recurring membership and need to pause due to injury or other extenuating circumstances, or if you would like to cancel or amend a junior bolt-on, please email [email protected] with details.

For all other freeze or cancellation requests or to update your details on file, hit the button below and fill out our online membership change request form, and we will process your request as soon as possible.