Unsupervised Junior Sign Offs

Aged 14-17 and want to climb unsupervised at our Centres?

These sign offs are specially for junior climbers aged 14- 17 years who have lots of climbing experience and wish to climb without supervision. This formal sign off takes place with a member of staff and the junior’s parent present.

Junior Boulder (aged 14+ years)

Must be experienced boulderer and be able to answer a written questionnaire about bouldering safety and etiquette. This assessment is available on a drop -in basis during quieter times. The assessment takes around 30 minutes.

Please note during busy times we may not have the staff available. Avoid disappointment by emailing the centre in advance.

Junior Roped Climber (aged 16+)

Must be experienced top rope AND lead climber. This assessment usually takes place during a special instructed session – email your chosen Centre for details and to book an assessment.

Don’t have enough experience yet?

Why not join one of our regular kids clubs such as Boulderama or Geckos to hone your skills.