LancasterWall (2 rounds)

Round 01: Jul 9th – Aug 4th
Round 02: Aug 6th – Sep 11th

KendalWall (1 round)

Jul 29th – Sep 15th

PrestonWall (1 round)

25th Jul – Sep 4th



This year each wall will run it’s own Summer Bouldering League with an open style format with a single round for PrestonWall and KendalWall and Lancaster running two rounds, meaning you have just over a month to come in and try the boulders as many times as you’d like, whenever you’d like!    

The winners of each category will receive a prize and we’ll also be drawing a raffle featuring loads of fresh goodies alongside the competition prizes, so make sure you get your scorecards in!

To compete in each round all you need to do pay your normal entry fee as well as a £1 competition fee! Scores will be recorded on Griptonite, paper cards will be available at a cost of £3 if needed. Each round will start at 6pm on the day listed and scores should be completed by the closing date for each round.

The categories for our 2024 Summer Bouldering Leagues are as follows:

Born 2006-2011 – Junior Female and Junior Open

Born 1976-2005 – Senior Female and Senior Open

Born 1975-1965 – Veteran Female and Veteran Open

Born 1964 or earlier – Super Vet Female and Super Vet Open