Junior Funcomp Category Results

A mighty battle on the Slabs saw Emily Chan take first, followed closely by competitors Kieran Lee and Bert Harris. Well climbed all and congratulations to our Junior comp winners!

Veteran Funcomp Category Results

Climbing Veterans graced the wall faces with their experience and poise. Matt Leigh claimed the crown, with Gavin Macrae and Andy Marshall in just above freezing pursuit, barely split by only 3 points!

Senior Qualifying Results

Top 10 Senior Qualifiers + Final Results

Neil Mawson – 3T 4Z 4 7

Thea Cameron – 3T 4Z 4 13

Holly Wilson – 3T 3Z 3 3

Stuart Walker – 3T 3Z 21 19

Elizabeth Goldsbrough – 2T 4Z 3 12

Molly Oliver – 1T 2Z 3 9

Mike Lea – 1T 1Z 2 2

Kyle Spark – 1T 1Z 8 7

Tszyau Lok – 1T 1Z 17 17

Winnie Lea – 0T 1Z 0 1

Senior Final Podium

What a final. A wonderful display of creativity, balance and determination was shown by all of our finalists. A huge effort that culminated in our glorious podium. Neil Mawson, Thea Cameron and Holly Wilson.