for kids

Climbing is fantastic for kids!
It promotes the development of agility, balance & coordination. It’s a fun, social life-long sport. Build on technique and climbing skills to progress from learning the basics through to advanced techniques such as leading.

Introducing a range of progressive, sessions taking place at LancasterWall, after-school and at weekends.

Keep reading to discover what’s on at LancasterWall and how you can book your spot.


7 -17years

Progressive bouldering skills session

  • What is it? Bouldering is a discipline of climbing that takes place on low-height walls. Sessions offer fun progression alongside development of techniques and skills through coaching through the NICAS framework.
  • Who for? Perfect fun for kids wanting to chart their climbing progress through NICAS
  • How long do they last? 75 mins including warm up and briefing, includes safety briefing and fun warm-up. Parents are welcome to relax with a coffee or food in our café.
  • How much? Single sessions £16 Month Block £50  Logbook £10 These are used to monitor progress across Levels 1-3 and can be purchased over the desk on your first session.


7 – 17years

Fun bouldering sessions for kids

  • What is it? Bouldering is a discipline of climbing that takes place on low-height walls above safety matting, with plenty of fun and games involved. Sessions offer a fun introduction and allows development of techniques and skills through coaching.
  • Who for? Great fun for all! No experience needed.
  • Choose from Junior Boulderama (age 7-11) or Senior Boulderama (age 12-17)
  • How long do they last? 75 mins including safety briefing and fun warm-up. Parents are welcome to relax with a coffee or food in our café.
  • How much? £16 per climber


14 – 17 years

Climb unsupervised

  • What is it? These sign offs are specially for junior climbers aged 14 -17 years who have lots of climbing experience and wish to climb without supervision.
  • This formal sign off takes place with a member of staff, the junior’s parent and the junior present. It involves completing a written questionnaire about bouldering safety and etiquette.
  • Available on a drop-in basis during quieter times and takes around 30-60 minutes.
  • Please note during busy times we may not have the staff available. Avoid disappointment by contacting the centre in advance
  • How much? The assessment is free of charge
  • Not got quite enough experience yet? Join a few Boulderama sessions to help you gain the skills needed.


7 years – adult

We all love a party!

  • What is it? 60 mins of climbing fun! For up to 9 people. Instructor led climbing, so you have fun scaling the walls. All equipment is included.
  • Add 30 mins for more climbing fun or if you book more than 6.
  • How Much? From £19.33pp depending on size of your group.
  • Party Space Ask us about a table to enjoy drinks and snacks after your party.


5 years – adult

Bespoke Skills Sessions

  • Family Bouldering Induction The perfect route to safely supervise your kids. (From 5+ years if children accompanied by participating adults at max ratio 1:2)
  • Movement Improvers – Learn new skills and techniques to move you up the grades from 7+ years.
  • Other (Please email us to discuss options before booking)
  • Add 30 minutes Up the amount of time for a flat rate


7 years – adult

We also cater for larger groups and special events

  • Email us on [email protected] or call us for more information.
  • Large school groups, clubs etc
  • Regular, progressive sessions also available for groups such as GCSE, D of E, NICAS etc

Watch: What’s Boulderama all about?

Climbing is a fun, exciting, sociable and adventurous activity. Come down with your friends or make new ones in your sessions!

A great way to get involved in the world of bouldering. Low ratios and qualified staff ensure a rapid introduction to climbing and an opportunity to develop movement skills and climbing techniques.

  • Junior Boulderama (aged 7-11)
  • Senior Boulderma (aged 12-17)