Pay What You Can Sundays at PrestonWall

  • Introducing PrestonWall’s Pay What You Can Trial! We’ve listened to feedback from you, our local community, and have decided to launch this trial of Pay What You Can Sundays.
  • Why the trial? We’re always looking to strike a balance between keeping climbing accessible while also keeping our centres open, the holds and routes fresh, and our staff smiling. With this initiative, running alongside our popular Magic Times, we want to ensure everyone can climb regularly throughout the month, regardless of income.
  • THE CONCEPT? There will be a minimum entry of £4 per person, but those who feel able, are encouraged pay a bit more to support those who can’t. We know this is an unusual concept, and we look forward to seeing how it works in practice! Of course, this is a bold trial. We cannot commit to this being a permanent addition to our offering, time will tell if we are able to continue or extend its existence.
  • WHEN? Last Sunday of each month Oct-April. Starting 29th October.
  • GEAR HIRE? If you need to hire kit, you will have the option to pay for it, or use our instruction kit for free (subject to availability).
  • All usual terms and conditions, supervision etc still apply. The Sunday Magic Time slot will still run every Sunday from 4-6pm.