Our Main Wall revamp is under way! Here’s what we have been up to and what is left to do.

This is the next phase in our exciting redevelopments for KendalWall. The refurbishment will enable us to refresh the Main Wall’s surfaces and modify some of the angles.

There have been some minor delays in the build so here is a rough updated schedule:

  • 14th of April – Stripping of Main Wall and King Kong wall. This will incur partial closures
  • 15th of April – Removal of existing panels begins. This will incur the begin of the full closure of the main hall.
  • 6th of May – Painting of panels that are not being changed and installation of new steels.
  • 9th May – Installation of new panels at low level.
  • 13th May – installation the complex/high level steels.
  • 18th May – Instillation of high level panels.
  • 17th of June – Completion of build and setting begins.
  • Opening currently aimed at the end of June.

Please bear in mind that there is no set in stone date for the opening of the wall at this time. Once the build has completed there is lots of setting, dotting of i’s and crossing of t’s to be done.

Our Main Hall may be closed for much of this time though we are hoping to have some availability of the 12m walls.  The smaller ropes area – The Chamber, will remain open.

We will do your best to keep you updated as the build progresses.